Tips For Increasing The Space Of A Small Apartment

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Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean living in cramped quarters. There are several creative ways to make the most of your space and increase the amount of storage you have. This blog post will share some tips and tricks for making your small apartment feel bigger.

Colors in the apartment

The brighter the colors in your apartment, the smaller it will look. It is because bright colors make everything else look darker. To fix this, you can paint your walls a different color. Lighter colors are often better because they make the apartment look bigger. You should also try to use “cold” colors like blue or cyan, which will make the apartment look bigger.


The size of the furniture in your apartment can also make it look bigger or smaller. For example, a couch that is too big for the room will make the room look smaller. On the other hand, a small coffee table will make the room look bigger. The trick is to find furniture that is the right size for the room and has legs so that it doesn’t take up as much space.

ake the apartment look bigger


The more lighting, the more space it covers, making it visually wider. To achieve greater illumination, you need to let in as much sunlight as possible or, in extreme cases, use more lamps, local pendants, and fixtures.


People usually do not pay enough attention to mirrors. However, mirrors can be beneficial in making a room seem more significant. You can try purchasing some mirrors and hanging them on the walls. It will make the room at least one and a half times larger.

Remove excess

You need to start the physical expansion of your home. First, get rid of all the unnecessary things. It includes not just big objects, like a piano in the center of the room, but also smaller things. The fewer things you have in a room, the bigger it will seem. You should keep the walls free of any clutter.

Get creative with storage

There are many creative ways to increase your storage space. For example, you can use a trunk as a coffee table. It will give you extra storage space, and it will also be a unique piece of furniture. You can also try using under-bed storage. It is a great way to store things that you don’t use very often.

Use vertical space

Most people forget about the vertical space in their homes. It is a great place to store things. You can try using shelving units or hanging baskets. It will free up some floor space, and it will also make the room look more organized.

These are tips you can use to make your small apartment look more prominent. Try out these tips and see how they work for you. Also, don’t forget to be creative and experiment with different ideas. After all, it is your apartment, and you should make it feel like home.